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Protect Your Business with Secure Doors

Protect Your Business with Secure Doors

The Federal Bureau of Investigation documents that a burglary occurs every 21 seconds in the United States.  This totals over 1 million forced entries!

One of the most common forced entry points is a door. Most doors can be opened with a simple kick or battering ram. What happens in real life is not all that different than what you see on television shows. 

During this Covid-19 crisis when many businesses are shut down or operate on reduced hours, there is an increased opportunity for break-ins.  Add individuals struggling with the high unemployment rate and high school and college age students with time on their hands because they aren’t attending classes, it becomes the perfect formula for increasing criminal activity.

Covenant Security Equipment offers secure doors that protect a business from easy entry.

These doors are available with a bullet resistant window that allows the storeowner to view who is outside from a secure position. Peepholes provide a limited view, which Covenant Security believes helps the storeowner or employee make appropriate decisions to secure safety for themselves and the business.

A key advantage of the Covenant Security door is the frame. Typically the frame is the weakest part of a door structure.  The Covenant Security model is made securely from strong, break-in resistant material. The benefit to the business owner is a solid, secure door, difficult to break down. This offers the storeowners a bullet resistant door to protect the business and everyone working in the organization.

Additionally, Covenant Security offers intercom systems. This gives you the opportunity for verbal communication to confirm who is outside without opening a door. No one wants a dangerous surprise.

The experts at Covenant Security Equipment will work with you to add burglary resistant doors to secure your business.  They will assist you in making a comprehensive plan to protect your business establishment, merchandise, and employees.


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