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School Safety – Bullet Resistant Panels for Enhanced Campus Protection

School Safety – Bullet Resistant Panels for Enhanced Campus Protection

There was a time when schools were considered one of the safest places for children. However, today, the lives of millions of students are at risk as gun violence has reached to these safe harbors. The ever-increasing security threats have made it necessary for schools to have defense architecture for enhanced campus protection.

Covenant Security Equipment presents a viable solution for countering the risks of injuries by gunshots. Because our bullet resistant fiberglass panels provide maximum security against bullets of handguns, shotguns, and even rifles, the security of a campus can be greatly enhanced by incorporating them into the infrastructure.

Our bullet resistant panels, also called ballistic resistant panels, are available in eight varieties, each offering different levels of protection for different areas of school. All of the varieties have been rigorously tested to make sure they meet (or exceed) the corresponding UL specifications. Our panels are also UL certified and include a warranty.

Examples of Fiberglass Applications in Educational Settings

Following are some of the areas in schools where fiberglass panels can be applied to improve the safety and security of students:

  • Classroom closets
  • Safe rooms
  • Admissions counters
  • Seats of board meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Classroom doors
  • Storage rooms, particularly the ones where sensitive materials are kept

Install Covenant Security Equipment’s Bullet Resistant Panels to Secure Your Campus

Covenant Security Equipment's bullet resistant panels are the simplest, safest, and most affordable ballistic protection solution for securing a campus from potential threats. The fact that installing these panels does not require any reconstruction and they can be easily fixed into the existing structure make them ideal for those looking for immediate results.

In addition to providing security against bullets, our fiberglass panels can also help prevent an attempt of forced entry through hand-held items, such as heavy hammers, axes, or propane torches. What makes the panels even more amazing is that they are not visible; they get completely concealed behind walls and in the woodwork on desks, doors, and counters.

To sum up, the bullet resistant panels that have been widely used in police and military offices and other high-risk settings can also be used to secure our schools and students from potential armed attacks.

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