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Have You Considered Building A Safe Room In Your Residence Or Small Business?

Have You Considered Building A Safe Room In Your Residence Or Small Business?

Most people assume that getting a safe room is only needed when you’re at risk of a possible attack from strangers. Movie depictions definitely make it look like that.

In reality, safe rooms are designed to withstand the forces of nature.

It’s not just your house that needs it. Safe rooms can be added to any building, whether it’s residential or commercial in nature. The age of the building doesn’t make much of a difference either. Safe rooms can be built into the existing structure or they can be an addition to a new building.

In fact, an easy way to build a safe room is to either add it to an existing structure or to build it in the back of the house.

Do You Need One?

The United States alone experiences an average of over 800 tornadoes per year with some states experiencing more. The damage and destruction they cause to a property is often overshadowed by the loss of life.

For your peace of mind and safety, getting a safe room can be the best option for you.

Research has also highlighted that most building code requirements for ceilings, doors and windows usually meet the minimum. These aren’t enough to withstand the extreme wind conditions or bear the impact caused by debris carried on these extreme winds.

But with the sturdy safe room that uses the right products, you can easily keep your family safe.

Get the Best with Covenant Security Equipment

If you want the best safe rooms, built from high quality materials, let us help you out. Covenant Security Equipment offers a number of different options, including

  • Wall Panels - Level 3 – These are affordable, lightweight and can withstand a shot from a wooden board cannon. The force it generates is equivalent to the force of an EF-5 tornado or a large missile.
  • Blast Doors - FEMA P-320 compliant – These blast doors are durable, affordable and a great way to make any room secure.

Find these and more materials for your safe room when you start working with us!

Call Us Today!

Do you have any questions or queries? Then get in touch with us. Call us today on 1-866-286-4400 and we can answer them for you! Our knowledgeable sales representatives’ can help you get rid of any confusion and pick out the right products that meet your needs to build your safe room in next to no time.

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