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Protecting Against Restaurant Violence

Protecting Against Restaurant Violence

Two diners entered a McDonald’s restaurant in Oklahoma and placed an order.  In violation of store policy, they attempted to sit down in the closed dining area. After being asked to leave, one of the diners produced a weapon and opened fire. The shooter wounded two McDonald’s employees while a third was injured in an ensuing scuffle. Fortunately, the three injured employees were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Unfortunately, many Americans are stressed over the restrictions in place to protect customers and staff from COVID 19 infections. Most establishment owners need to realize that security risks are increasingly high and progressively more violent.  For example, in Michigan, a security guard was shot and killed after insisting a customer use a mask before entering a store that required them.

Covenant Security offers several solutions to help you protect your staff. One option is the bullet resistant and bulletproof clear shields which will keep a bullet from reaching your employees. You could also install bullet resistant and bulletproof walls at the base of your counter or in other locations to protect your staff.

Your Covenant Security advisor can assist you in designing and sizing a protective device to fit your situation. For example, if you need space for a reach-around for transactions or a smaller space at counter level for money and receipts, Covenant Security has options for you. Also, for added security, a simple transaction window that allows you to deliver customer purchases through a pass-through is another option.  These security shields and options add additional protection against the spread of COVID 19 between customers and employees.

Each establishment will need to consider the security features protecting employees from armed confrontation. Your Covenant Security consultant will work with you to understand your workplace circumstances including the level of threat you consider likely and propose cost effective solutions which will protect your staff in today’s escalating environment.


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