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Protect Critical Inventory

Protect Critical Inventory

News reports indicate that even Tylenol is in short supply. When consumers experience shortages for any product, it produces a sense of desperation in many people. When stores limit purchase for a necessary item, it only increases this panic. Desperation pushes people to participate in actions they would not consider otherwise. For example, they might try to pocket a product without paying. This reduces product you could sell to other customers.

To discourage theft during this time of unrest, a wise owner will acquire a trustworthy safe for critical and hard-to-replace products. In the past, losing 40 bottles of Tylenol was not catastrophic. Today, you may not easily replace the missing 40 bottles to meet customer needs.

Reports confirm that stores are experiencing a substantial rise in burglary. By placing your most valuable products in a secure location, such as a safe, you will protect your products from thieves.

Covenant Security offers a wide variety of commercial safes. Our service providers will be pleased to consult with you to design custom solutions to secure your cash and important merchandise.

Keep your inventory safe.  Let Covenant Security help.

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