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Package Passer Installation Instructions

Package Passer Installation Instructions

Package Receiver Installation

The Package Passer is a U.L. Listed bullet and/or fire resistant assembly. Each passer includes a fixed exterior trim frame attached to the body and an interior clamping type frame for easy installation. The product has interior and exterior doors equipped with an interlock that prevents both doors from being open simultaneously. 

  1. The wall opening for the passer should be 2" wider than the width and 1" higher than the height of the body of the package passer. (Certain custom models may devi­ate from these dimensions) 
  2. Remove the interior clamping frame from the assembly. 
  3. Insert the passer from the threat side of the wall into the opening. 
  4. Shim sides and top of body
  5. Reinstall interior trim frame with the clamp­ing screws provided. 

The fire rated package passer maintains the integrity of a fire rated wall, so be certain that the wall construction and adjacent products maintain the same degree of security.

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