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What is an Air Curtain?

What is an Air Curtain?

What is an Air Curtain (aka Air Door)?

An air curtain is a wall of air moving at a different speed than the air on either side of it. Air doors are designed to minimize temperature changes between two climates in situations in which a door or window is required to regularly open ensuring seamless business operation. Air curtains are beneficial over windows, doors, loading docks, cold storage in restaurants or butcher shops, customer entrances and exits, patios and inside a building where two climates need to function side by side.

How does an Air Curtain work?

An air curtain measures the length of the opening it is guarding and pushes a wall of tempered air forcefully enough to stop the air on either side of it from breaching its boundary. This keeps cold air out and warm air in during winter and vice versa in the summer. In this same line of benefits, humidity will also be kept at bay. An air curtain will not only save substantial funds in utility bills by keeping the outside air outside and the inside air inside, but also in HVAC repairs. Over time, the air curtain keeps dust and other particles outside that often cause excessive wear and tear on HVAC equipment. Moreover, an air curtain keeps flying and laying bugs from making your place of business their home. They cannot get past the wall of moving air in the air curtain.

How is an Air Curtain an improvement over plastic strips?

Plastic strips are unsanitary, where the air curtain will never physically touch the people or products that walk through them. Plastic strips wear down and begin to shred over time, and then need to be replaced. This is an unnecessary cost and investment of time you will avoid with an air curtain. Plastic strips are less effective and rather unsightly for customers to have to look at. Additionally, even clear plastic strips can obstruct line of sight causing collisions as they are pushed through on both sides.

How are CSE Air Curtains superior to others?

Our air curtains are not the same ones you could purchase from online retailers. Air curtains from CSE are of the highest of quality. Our air curtains team up with your effort toward a clean work environment by destroying %99.99-%100 of airborne germs and volatile organic compounds. This means %99.99-%100 of the airborne pathogens floating through the air will be destroyed as they filter through your new air curtain.

How do specific industries benefit from an Air Curtain?

All industries will benefit from an air curtain, but a few common examples follow.

The dining industry will find great benefits in the dampening of flying insects on patios, walk-in refrigerator/freezer efficiency, and temperature regulations in pass through windows. Even food trucks will benefit when payment and pass out windows are protected with an air curtain in all the same ways a full-sized restaurant will.

A butcher facility will also experience benefits including, but not limited to, the quicker cooling of meat immediately after it is butchered, a cleaner air environment in which to hang meat, and minimal insects that cause costly contamination of product.

Retail business fronts and warehouses will experience benefits from an air curtain in the form of a more cost effective and climatized work and shopping space due to the lack of fluctuating temperatures and insects when air curtains are in place at the back dock and the front door.

If you have any questions about our Air Curtains or how they can work for your specific business contact us at !

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