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No Contact Customer Delivery

No Contact Customer Delivery

Customers are concerned about protection from COVID-19 infection.  They insist on secure, convenient, and safe transactions and delivery.  However, more than just customers are affected; employees have the same concerns.  During this pandemic crisis, retail establishments must consider their employees’ need to feel protected. Covenant Security Equipment provides outstanding products that exceed customer expectations while protecting staff as well.

The Covenant Security Equipment transaction windows provide several benefits and options:

A transaction window can replace a current window.

A Covenant Security advisor will help you order a window, sized to fit an existing window opening. This makes it possible to replace the transaction window with the original window in the future.  For example, if you decided not to service the transaction window, you could remove it and replace it with your original window.

A transaction window comes fully assembled.

Your transaction window is specifically made to fit your opening.  Additionally, your window will be delivered fully assembled for ease of installation.


Add a bullet resistant option.

In today’s environment, security is a priority in the mind of many operators. Almost all Covenant Security Equipment windows offer a bulletproof option to provide additional security and peace of mind to your staff during these uncertain times.

Consider an air curtain.

This device operates by moving air across the opening to eliminate the likelihood of germs, insects, dust, dirt, and diesel fumes from entering the store. Who needs a diesel exhaust running for five minutes by an open window?  This addition benefits your employees more than your customers.  Your staff will appreciate your efforts to eliminate the “yuck” elements from invading their workspace.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be more than pleased to assist you in designing the correct type of transaction window with features to provide benefits for your establishment and your customers.  They are ready for your call.

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