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Improve School Security while Protecting from COVID-19

Improve School Security while Protecting from COVID-19

School systems around the country are struggling to improve facilities to protect students, staff, and teachers from COVID-19. Many schools have improved personal protection barriers to make their environment safer but are still looking to make additional improvements.  Even if COVID-19 becomes a distant memory and we obtain an effective vaccine, there’s still the flu season to contend with as well as the common cold.

When your school enhances COVID-19 barriers, use the opportunity to significantly enhance security at the same time.  Covenant Security Equipment offers a wide selection of windows which may be easily installed. They provide double protection for office space as they protect against viruses as well as providing a barrier against bullets in the event of a school shooting.

In these unsettling days, we see pictures of violence against symbols of authority, courthouses, police stations and other government buildings. Schools may also become a target from an angry demonstrator. School staff working in an office will appreciate the additional security a bullet resistant internal window offers.

Additionally, many schools are eliminating school resource officers and removing a security barrier for students and staff.  This is just another reason to increase protection in other ways.

Educational Week reported 25 school shootings in 2019. They tragically killed eight and wounded another 43. In today’s challenging environment, school administrators need to embrace all possible tools to protect students and staff. While reengineering a school facility to protect from COVID-19, use the opportunity to install additional protection in the event of a shooting. 

Contact us and we will gladly customize a plan for your school that can provide maximum protection from viruses as well as the possibility of a violent attack.

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