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How do you want your drive-through window to open?

How do you want your drive-through window to open?


Your drive-through window is the unsung hero of your business. Having a drive-through can make the difference between a customer choosing your business or the business down the road, so naturally, the drive-through window’s functionality is crucial to the flow and efficiency of your business. We have included the options available through Covenant Security Equipment below.

Fully-Automatic Windows:

The fully-automatic windows are flush-mounted and glide smoothly on a top-hung slide rail system. This option is brilliant for food-service businesses as the need to not touch the window’s handles keeps the rest of the space cleaner. They can be customized to be a left or right-handed unit. The offset in the base prevents intrusion and keeps water from entering your business. The photo-electric eye-bar is an option for all electric sliders if they are fully glazed with 5/8" insulated glass.

The Thru-Beam Photo-electric Bar is activated when the attendant stands between the emitter and receiver. This option is available on all electric sliders and is best used where there is limited space or tighter working conditions.

Semi-Automatic Windows:

The semi-automatic window displays the largest service opening of any flush-mount semi-automatic window. This version is operated by a push-bar mechanism, and the bi-folding doors create a way to serve customers hands-free. The standard 14” (d) x 24” (w) interior stainless base makes for a large staging area.  

Self-Closing Windows:

Our self-closing windows meet all health code requirements and are made to be mounted to the exterior wall. The door panel closes automatically after the window is released. Due to the offset in the base and the top-hung ball bearing system, these are the smoothest windows on the market. Each SC model comes standard with 1/4" tempered glass, but level 1 bullet resistant glass can be an option if desired.

Manual Windows:

These bi-fold widows open and close easily with elementary effort.

Vertical Transaction Windows:

Recommended for compact spaces, vertical transaction windows are an option for businesses that might otherwise need to forego a drive-through because of the minimal wall space for mounting a window.


Each single-sliding window offers a heavy-duty maximum-security lock. This hook bolt lock helps to prevent outside intrusion. An easy to grasp thumb-turn allows for ease in operation while locking the unit. Depending on the model you choose, your new drive-through window can be glazed in a variety of options including tinted, 1/4” tempered safety glass, 3/4” insulated storm glass, 5/8” tempered insulated, and L1 bullet resistance.

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