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How Building Codes Affect Window Purchases

How Building Codes Affect Window Purchases

Across the country there are many regulations that impact what kind of window you should purchase for your project. From hurricane impacted areas to cities wanting to curb emissions, the regulations vary widely and are different from county to county. At CSE, we want to help make sure your drive-thru window meets local building codes.


The first step is simply to be aware of building code issues. Contact your local building department.  A quick Google search should locate a number for you.  To get ahead of the curve, find the window that matches the highest current regulations in your state.


Here are a few examples of county or state regulations that could impact you.




To protect the kitchen from insects, car fumes, dust, and high temperatures; California has implemented codes on the maximum size of your window opening. If you have an air curtain installed above the window, you are allowed an opening up to 432 square inches. If you do not have an air curtain, your opening cannot exceed 216 square inches. You are also required to have a self-closing device so that it is always closed when not in use.


Miami-Dade County, Florida


Miami has implemented codes to protect the public from hurricanes. Any drive-thru or external window must have impact resistant glass. In addition, all windows must be sealed in a way that prevents water penetration during a hurricane. Almost every county in Florida is held to this Miami-Dade County standard.




The Food Code in Florida states that you cannot pass food through a manual opening window. You must have an automatic or semi-automatic opening window or you will fail your next health inspection.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


To curb emissions, reduce litter, and improve pedestrian safety; an ordinance in Minneapolis has banned the construction of new drive-through windows. Similar bans have passed in Creve Coeur, Mo.; Long Beach, Calif.; and Fair Haven, N.J.


These are just some examples from around the country. Make it a priority to check with your local government concerning building codes that would affect your purchases.  It will save time and frustration in the future.


At Covenant Security Equipment, we have California and Miami-Dade approved windows, as well as semi-automatic and automatic closing windows. If you are in a city that bans drive-thru windows, consider a walk-up window. If you can’t find something that fits the codes or regulations of your county on our website, contact us. We can create a custom window for you.  It is our mission to serve your needs.


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