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Frequently asked questions for our Deal Trays

Frequently asked questions for our Deal Trays

Deal trays are an easy and secure way to pass coins, cash, and other items between an employee and a customer.  Here are some frequently asked questions about our deal trays:

What window combinations come standard with an integrated deal tray?

We offer the following standard integrated deal trays:

    • 24 x 38 Bullet Resistant Drive-thru Pizza Drawer Transaction Window
    • 48 x 36 Interior Self-Closing Sliding Window
    • T3 Style Ticket Windows
    • T1 Style Ticket Windows

Whats the difference between recessed and surface mounted deal trays?

Recessed trays are designed for installing into a 2” cut-out for high counters with a caped glazing cap running across the top middle. Surface mount trays are mounted on top of a counter in a teller line application.

What materials do you use to make your deal trays?

Transaction Deal Trays are rolled and formed from 16-gauge stainless steel with a #3 satin brushed finish and can be lined with HI-hard ballistic steel to meet ballistic protection requirements.

Are they bullet resistant?

Yes! Depending on the application and specifications, they perform at bullet resistant at Levels 1-8.

Can you install a deal tray separately in the field?


How do you install a deal tray in the field?

Deal trays must be installed level and square to work properly. You will need to provide an anchor screw and silicone or clips. Start by cutting a hole in the countertop to the specifications of your deal tray so that it fits flush to the countertop. Then you can Silicone, screw, or use standard kitchen sink clips to secure your deal tray. Then, silicone all exterior and interior joints.

What sizes are currently available?

We have the following sizes ready for delivery:

    • 10 x 12
    • 10 x 16
    • 10x 11
    • 12x 16"

I’m worried about drafts.  Is there anything you can do for that?

Yes! We have an optional weather flap that can be installed on the interior side of the window.

What makes a deal tray non-ricochet?

Some of our deal trays are “non-ricochet.  They provide a difference in the curvature of the dip in the tray. A non- ricochet deal tray prevents a bullet from entering the deal tray and then ricocheting through to the other side.

If you have any more questions not listed here, please reach out to us at We’re here to help.


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