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Can You Tint Bullet Resistant Windows?

Can You Tint Bullet Resistant Windows?

Glass is an integral part of today’s architecture, and it often creates an important first impression. When you think of bullet resistant glass, something simple such as a bank teller window may come to mind, but it can actually be used to create a safety barrier — while still being attractive — in any application. With this being said, we are often asked about tinting bullet resistant glass windows. This is definitely an option, but there are certain limitations you should know about. 


First of all, we highly discourage tinting your bullet resistant windows in the field. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, is that most of our bullet resistant windows are constructed from layers of materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic. These materials cause what is called “off-gasing” when the film is applied which creates bubbling. Second, any changes made to the glass could compromise its bullet resistance and also voids the warranty. 


The key to tinting bullet resistant glass is to get the tint installed when the glass is being manufactured. This ensures that the integrity of the window stays intact, while also providing the desired aesthetics. When a customer is looking to tint their bullet resistant window, we work with them to determine the level of bullet resistance they want, and the color of tint they are looking for, and then we create a custom window to meet their needs. Often times the tint will be installed in between the layers of material during the manufacturing process. 


A wide range of tint colors can allow you to complement an overall building theme or aesthetic with your window finishes. Once you decide you would like your bullet resistant window to be tinted, we recommend visiting a local glass company. Ask them for any local projects they have done and then go out and visit the window project to help determine what tint you may want based on the visual references. Common standard colors are bronze, gray, and green. We can also do a 1/2” mirror pane for a one way reflective tint. Once you provide a color, we will match it to make your custom bullet resistant window. Please be advised though that adding tint to your window will add to your lead time as well as a surcharge. 


Tinted glass is effective at reducing sun glare, providing some privacy, and adding to the aesthetics of a building. With Covenant Security Equipment, you don’t have to compromise safety for beauty. If you would like to discuss your options further, you can reach us at

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