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Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistance

Bulletproof vs Bullet Resistance

We’ve all heard of a bulletproof argument, the bulletproof diet, or bulletproof coffee. Well, if you’ve ever tried a diet, it’s easy to see that it isn’t actually “bulletproof” — and neither is your coffee, or your argument. Bulletproof a term loosely used to describe something as invincible, indestructible, or impenetrable, but in the material world, it’s really referring to the bullet resistance of a particular item. 


Bullet resistance is measured by how much protection an item will provide based on a variety of factors, including gun size, ammunition, and the number of shots fired. Different materials provide varying levels of protection, and the thickness of each material is also a factor in the level of protection. For example, a 1/4” thick sheet of steel would obviously have less bullet resistance than a 2” thick sheet, but when you start comparing factors that aren’t as obvious, it’s not as easy to estimate. That’s where third party companies like the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) come in. They test items like our bullet resistant panels and windows and create a form of measurement and standards.


When comparing the bullet resistance in our panels, Level 1 bullet resistance is built to withstand a single shot from a 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core, while the highest Level 8 is built to withstand multiple shots from a 7.62 Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket. So when you say something is indeed “bulletproof,” you had better be sure that it can provide protection from an unlimited amount of bullets for an unlimited amount of time. 


When choosing your bullet resistant material, non-ricochet is another important factor. This means that the material being shot at will essentially absorb the bullet and stop it, instead of allowing it to ricochet off, which could still cause serious harm. So while you may find materials that have a bullet resistance, they aren’t nearly as effective and safe as a non-ricochet bullet resistant material. This is also one of the reasons you need to be very careful if choosing to build your own bullet resistant materials. 


At Covenant Security Equipment, we offer non-ricochet bullet resistant paneling up to Level 8 and non-ricochet bullet resistant transaction windows up to Level 3. If you want help deciding what level is best for your needs, contact us and we would love to walk you through it. 

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