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Bulletproof Panel Decorative Treatment and Painting

Bulletproof Panel Decorative Treatment and Painting

Panels can be used without treatment when placed within a wall. If you plan to use panels as a decorative surface, the following methods will be helpful to you:

Peel Ply / Cleaning / Sanding

A clean surface free of grit and oily residue is required prior to gluing or painting panels. “Peel ply” is one method that is used to achieve this finish. A peel ply layer can be used in the manufacturing process if the customer requests it at the time of order. This thin, extra layer is removed in the field immediately prior to working with the product. This leaves behind a clean, lightly textured finish that is ready to be treated.

Cleaning the panel can also be accomplished by wiping the surface with Acetone. Minimize the amount of time the panel is exposed to solvent, and try to avoid soaking it. Sanding is another means of preparation; 120-grit sandpaper at medium pressure can be used to lightly “roughen-up” the surface.


Once the panels have been prepared with one of the above methods, they can be painted with either an oil or a water-based paint. An automotive urethane works well as a “high-end” solution. For any external application that requires panels to be exposed to the elements, a paint with a UV inhibitor should be used to protect the product from long-term UV ray exposure.

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