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Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels for Financial Institutions

Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions of a country are among the most high-value targets for armed attacks. Undeterred by the security measures and presence of law enforcement officers as well as private security personnel, burglars often attack banks and not only take away large amounts of money, but sometimes also harm employees and/or customers during the process.   

The risk of injuries that both employees of the financial institutions and customers face in case of an armed attack can be significantly reduced by incorporating bulletproof panels within the architecture of these institutions.

Covenant Security Equipment manufactures eight different types of panels to help financial institutions, both government and private, enhance the security of their premises, which then will promise increased security for their employees and customers.

Keeping in view the varying needs of different organizations, each type of our bullet-resistant fiberglass panels provide a different level of protection. However, all eight types of panels are UL-certified and come with the company’s warranty.

Since they are easy to install, affordable, and offer better security by getting concealed into different types of walls and woodworks, such as drywalls, doors, and cash counters, an increasing number of financial institutions, from all over the world, have been readily opting for the Covenant Security Equipment bulletproof panels.

By withstanding bullets of a variety of guns, from handguns to rifles, the fiberglass panels help security personnel to delay a forced entry, which then give them time to get ready for deterring it.

Examples of Bulletproof Panels Application in Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Following are some examples of fiberglass panels’ application in banks and other financial buildings of a country:

  • Credit unions
  • Banks
  • Loan offices
  • Check-cashing stores
  • Payday loan facilities
  • Doors, both main entry door and those inside the building
  • Teller counters
  • The walls and doors of drive-thru areas
  • Vault areas
  • Lobbies
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