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Bullet-Resistant Protection for Commercial & Retail Properties

Bullet-Resistant Protection for Commercial & Retail Properties

There was a time when bullet-resistant properties were considered a luxury that was mainly reserved for government facilities and only a few commercial properties, like shooting ranges and banks.

In today’s world though, when you don’t know where a security threat will arise, bullet resistance is increasingly becoming a necessity. Many business owners are now installing bullet-resistant features in their office buildings to protect their properties and employees from any potential threats.

Why Bullet-Resistant Protection Is Crucial For Commercial & Retail Properties

While the world is generally becoming an unsafe place with the increasing security threats, commercial properties are at higher risks, as they are major targets of robberies.

According to an estimate, at least 300 million guns are owned by civilians in the United States. One-third of those 300 million are handguns that are not only easy to carry, conceal, and use, but are also very powerful. When you couple this with the fact that in about a quarter of all robberies that occur in the business world, criminals are reported to be carrying guns, makes it highly important that all commercial properties be made bullet-resistant.

What Bullet-Resistant Features You Should Get Installed to Improve Building Security

When it comes to making a property bullet-resistant, installing bulletproof windows is the first (and most often only thing) that most of us think of.

But, what most of us do not understand is that just having bullet-resistant glass is not enough – you should also consider having bulletproof walls and doors.

There are multiple varieties available in each category of bullet-resistant features. For example, bullet-resistant glass is available in 8 different types, each offering a different level of protection. Some provide protection from various types of handguns, whereas others are even resistant to rifle bullets and other advanced weapons.

Similarly, different types of bullet-resistant walls and doors are available.

To choose the right type of bullet-resistant features for your property, you need to assess the potential threats that you may face and then identify the level of protection you need.

Hire a reliable professional to get your premises and employees secured from potential threats.

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