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Bullet Protection for Medical Facilities

Bullet Protection for Medical Facilities

Despite the fact that doctors, nurses, and other staff members of healthcare facilities work tirelessly to save lives, regardless of patients’ identities and backgrounds, they face multiple security threats. These may include armed robberies for drugs and money and terrorist attacks on staff or patients. This has made it highly essential for healthcare facilities to revisit and upgrade the security measures within their premises to ensure the safety of both staff members and patients.

Covenant Security Equipment presents the most viable solution for healthcare facilities to safeguard their premises against the potential risk of armed attacks in the form of fiberglass panels.

The ballistic-resistant fiberglass panels, available in eight different varieties, offer a wide range of protection against different types of weapons, such as shotguns, handguns, and even rifles. They are also easy to incorporate within the architecture and get concealed behind drywall and woodwork on walls, counters and doors to provide greater security at affordable rates.

All the eight varieties of panels are UL certified, which means they meet the UL specifications for that level, and come with Covenant Security Equipment’s warranty.

Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and all other medical facilities, all over the country, are increasingly opting for Covenant Security Equipment bullet-resistant panels to secure their premises, staff, and patients from potential threats.

Examples of Bulletproof Panel Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Here are a few examples of the application of bullet-resistant fiberglass panels within healthcare facilities:

  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Drive-thru pharmacies
  • Cash transaction areas
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Health clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • DEA storage facilities
  • All entry and interior doors of all healthcare facilities
  • Emergency rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Triage areas
  • Operating theaters
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