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Bullet Resistant Protection For Clerks

Bullet Resistant Protection For Clerks

Two armed bandits walked into a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia and demanded money. When the clerk failed to hand over cash, both perpetrators opened fire on the clerk. Fortunately, a bulletproof glass was in place. The clerk was able to close a small window and duck under the counter to preserve his life.

In today’s environment, as millions of people suddenly become unemployed and desperation mounts, businesses experience more theft. As despair mounts for many, crime often follows.

The difference between the tragedy of being shot and surviving a scary experience in the opening illustration was planning and installing an effective system for protecting the business owner and employees.

Covenant Security has the experience and products that can help you. Our inventory includes transaction windows, secure doors, bulletproof panels, and bulletproof windows to protect your employees.

During a news interview, the clerk from the above-mentioned robbery attempt said it was a second holdup attempt for the business within the last several months. 

All store clerks will encounter customers who create apprehension or fear. While many of these customers are more quirky than dangerous, the staff never knows in advance when an encounter could turn brutal. As a storeowner, do not wait for tragedy to strike. Make an investment today to protect your employees and yourself. Let Covenant Security help make your business safer.


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