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A Bullet Resistant Option Against Home Invasion

A Bullet Resistant Option Against Home Invasion

Burglaries are rampant with one happening every 20 seconds! Robbery takes more than someone’s possessions. When you are robbed, you feel violated. Your sense of safety goes away along with anything stolen. Hurt, anger, and fear can linger.

NationSearch, a background screening service for businesses, reports that the United States has been experiencing over 1 million home invasions each year. Additionally, 60% of rapes occur during these home invasions.

According to the Gallup poll, 43% of homeowners make the decision keep a gun in the home for self-defense. Those trained in firearm safety understand that when possible, you should retreat to your house and avoid a direct confrontation with an assailant. However, when an armed aggressor keeps coming, you may not have good options for a safe retreat.

Even your home may not be as safe as you need when gunfire erupts because bullets will penetrate drywall.  Covenant Security Equipment has an answer to improve your home safety. Install a bullet resistant panel where you could retreat behind for safety. These panels provide the ability to stop a 44 Magnum shot and they are easy to install. Then, in a worst-case scenario, when an assaulter fails to stop shooting, you have a protected place to defend your life and the lives of your family.

When developing a plan to defend your house from a home invasion, you may want to design more than one retreat location. This would provide multiple locations for self-defense, if needed. 

Make sure your family is protected in case of an aggressive burglary by providing a secure location to defend the family in such a threat.

Contact your Covenant Security advisor to discuss reasonably priced options to provide another layer of defense for your family.

For more statistics on home invasions, click here:

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