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Behind the Scenes: CSE Products in TV Action

Behind the Scenes: CSE Products in TV Action

Over the years, CSE products have popped up in a variety of interesting places. With our emphasis on physical safety and secure transactions, we've had the opportunity to collaborate in the securing of schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, government agencies and more.

In a somewhat unexpected collaboration, CSE's customer base has expanded into the entertainment industry. From safe houses for celebrities, to the set of an SNL skit, CSE windows, doors, and deposit boxes have been expertly designed to fit the needs of some very unique projects. In 2019, some CSE SDX series safe deposit boxes appeared on the set of the Prime TV series, Bosch. These boxes were custom made, specially designed to be moved and reconfigured on the set of the show.


Later on, these same boxes were sold and reused on the set of a different TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Exciting projects like these give us a chance to showcase the versatility of our products, and the willingness of our team members to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. At Covenant Security Equipment we pride ourselves in delivering quality products, with the best customer service on every order. 

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