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Empowering Security Professionals: Exploring the Benefits of ASIS International Membership

Empowering Security Professionals: Exploring the Benefits of ASIS International Membership

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is a world-wide community of security organizations, representative of nearly every security related industry. The Foundation focuses on the centralization of support and information for security practitioners of all levels of competency and experience. 

Membership with ASIS opens the door to a myriad of resources and support systems. Main resources include education programs, newsletters, conferences, discussion forums with experts, and individual mentoring programs. Members are also given access to the award-winning Security Management magazine. The daily and weekly digital newsletters provide up to date information on security trends and potential risks to consider. 

Another support system offered by an ASIS Membership is discussion forums, and team based initiatives such as Regional Chapters. Chapters are focused on fostering innovative development and networking on a local and regional level. Creative programs are recognized and awarded by the foundation.

One of the primary benefits of an ASIS Membership is access to an ASIS Certification. There are several different certification programs, for both organizations and individuals. All certifications are a sign of credibility and professionalism, and shows a commitment to high standards. An ASIS certification can serve to elevate a company’s reputation and increase earnings potential. 

Covenant staff stays up to date on the latest information from ASIS discussions to be best equipped to serve the needs of our customers. For more information, call 866-286-4400. 

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