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Are Bullet Resistant Panels Weather-Proof?

Are Bullet Resistant Panels Weather-Proof?

Are you considering bullet resistant panels but aren't sure if they can withstand the elements? Our customers live in a variety of hot and cold climates, and many have asked if the weather conditions they experience will affect the performance of the bullet resistance. We have found that no matter what weather conditions Covenant Security Equipment Panels are exposed to, you can rest assured that they will still perform at their highest level. 
While there is currently no 3rd party testing available specifically for weather exposure to bullet resistant panels, our panels have been subjected to various ambient conditions when being tested for certification. One sample was exposed to a temperature of 120°F (49°C), and a second sample was exposed to a temperature of -25°F (-32°C) for a period of 3 hours before immediately being tested. Both conditions managed to have zero effect on the performance of the panels. In fact, not only was there still no penetration of the bullet, there was no spalling either. Humidity is also not a problem for our panels; they have a very low wicking factor which means there is a very low risk for mold. We have also had a customer send back a panel that had been left out in the snow and elements for several months, and after testing, was completely unharmed and performed as it should. As an added bonus, we have also tested some of our panels by submerging them in water for a period of 6 months and still the panels were unharmed.
So no matter what kind of weather conditions our panels are exposed to, installed or not, they will continue to protect the people you care about. While we do offer a 2 year warranty, your panels will long outlive this warranty period. If you would like to see our warranty in detail or have more questions about our panels, email us at and we’d be happy to assist you.
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