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How an Air Curtain Could Help Your Drive-Thru

How an Air Curtain Could Help Your Drive-Thru

A customer pulls next to your drive-up window beside a loud, clanking diesel truck. The noise isn’t even the most annoying part, it's the fumes that enter through the drive-up window to permeate your establishment. Everybody gets a whiff. Keeping noxious diesel fumes from entering through your transaction window is important. However, what about other things that enter like pollen, insects, dirt and possible contaminates.

You may think you have few options, but Covenant Security Equipment offers a great problem-solving product. It's called an Air Curtain, and it can provide a solution.

When an air curtain is installed, it gently moves the air across the open window space keeping viruses, bugs, or diesel fumes out. The airflow deflects unwanted particles and insects.

The benefits also include keeping undesirable smells out of a restaurant. It keeps insects from entering the establishment, especially while a customer is enjoying food. At the same time, it offers an improved level of virus protection.

The air movement is invisible to customers. Most would only experience a slight air movement if their hand passed through the treated air.

Another significant benefit is the energy savings that come from the air curtain. As the air is gently moved, an invisible barrier forms which keeps the warm air inside during the winter and saves the air-conditioned air from escaping into the summer heat.

When ordering a new transaction or pass-through window, consider adding the benefits of an air curtain in your initial order. If you already have a transaction or pick-up window installed, your Covenant Security Equipment advisor would be more than happy to discuss options that fit into your existing window configuration.

Your customers and employees will appreciate the benefits of the air curtain. As an owner, you will appreciate reducing energy bills.  Everyone will benefit. Contact Covenant Security Equipment and find out how an air curtain might serve your needs.

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