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Helping Insurance Agents Provide Personal Service

Helping Insurance Agents Provide Personal Service

Local insurance agents have provided personal and friendly service as an effective tool to compete against online insurance options. Every day your customers are bombarded by radio and television ads convincing them to go to to obtain a bid for auto or home insurance. Since many customers have more discretionary time, they can click around the computer and search for more insurance options.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some insurance agencies have been required to close while others have operated on a limited basis. Even when open, some customers have been apprehensive about walking into an office while at the same time they desired service.

Covenant Security Equipment offers a pass-through window option as a great solution for those customers wanting quick personal service without entering an office. A transaction window provides a method for customers to walk up to your office and use a transaction window for several services.

For example, a customer who prefers not to give credit card numbers over the phone or internet can drop off a check. Customers who prefer a hard copy of proof of insurance documentation for new vehicle purchases rather using their iPhone or an email, can receive the papers using a transaction window.

When insurance documentation needs to be signed, rather than explaining to customers how to sign by computer, simply pass the papers back and forth through the transaction window.

The transaction window also provides for two-way communication. Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor can discuss different options to provide optimum service. Furthermore, there are options for enhanced voice communication which may be helpful. Since your goal is to provide a service with as much personal attention as possible, the transaction window keeps your smiling face in front of the customer and allows you to connect personally while doing business.

Consider providing a chair beside the window for customers who find it difficult to stand or if a transaction takes longer.

Even with a transaction window, you can still invite the customer into the office.  The window simply provides another option. Customers like options.

COVID-19 has required adjustments from all business operators to meet customer concerns. Allowing your Covenant Security advisor to design and install a transaction window is an effective way to maintain personal customer relationships while providing peace of mind.

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