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Drive-thru Windows for Restaurants

Drive-thru Windows for Restaurants

With the increased demand for no-contact service due to COVID-19, many restaurants are wisely installing drive-thru windows.  This allows customers to pick up orders without coming into a store.

Fast food restaurants have already been offering this convenient service for years, catering to the busy working lifestyle of many customers. Traditional dine-in restaurants are finding a new way to serve customers safely by creating their own drive-thru stations.

An example is Chipotle restaurants. Originally Chipotle was focused on serving customers with walk-in service where most came to sit down and eat in the restaurant. The chain decided to embrace window service and promptly recognized a 23% increase in business. Now, many customers order online or use the app for a time-saving pick up.

With social distancing likely to continue for a significant period, the pickup window is a great option. When used correctly, it elevates your establishment above fast food competitors.

Contact your Covenant Security advisor to discuss your options.  Let them help you evaluate whether a traditional ordering system with speakers, menus and pickup windows is the best option or whether a transaction pass-through window might be a more efficient option to meet needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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