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Challenging Times for the Funeral Industry

Challenging Times for the Funeral Industry

Funeral homes around the country are struggling with the effects of COVID-19.  The increased need for their services come from situations where a person succumbs to the effects from the COVID-19 virus or has died from other factors.

The challenge for funeral homes is that COVID-19 has altered the landscape in how to comfort grieving families. Families and friends are not permitted to visit most hospital patients, even when their loved one is dying. A tragedy within this pandemic is that families and friends must use FaceTime or Zoom to say their good-byes. No hand-holding, no kiss on the cheek, no gentle pat on the head. They simply receive the sad news that their loved one has died. The picture is the same whether they die of heart disease, cancer, stroke, or something else. Families need closure, but the traditional methods for delivering closure are not possible in the current environment.

Many in the funeral home industry have closed or have initiated restrictions that do not permit final in-person closure for family and friends. Covenant Security has developed several products that could allow funeral homes to provide a protected option for delivering much needed comfort and closure. These products include the following:

Drive-Thru windows

Drive thru windows allow individuals to drive by and pay respects while remaining on one side of a secure glass window. In the past this option was used on a very limited basis. However, given the current reality of COVID-19 and ongoing concerns from the medical community, a drive through option is becoming a mainstream option.

Transaction Drawers

Covenant Security offers transaction drawers that can give grieving friends and family access to a guestbook so they can leave comments or cards. 

A speaker system

This option is an installed speaker system that allows people to speak to a family member who stands next to the casket. 

These types of drive-by options would never have been considered six weeks ago. However, in today’s environment, organizations need to find new and different ways to serve their communities. The tragedy within this COVID tragedy is the struggle family members face to obtain closure. This is more difficult with all the restrictions in place. Keep in mind that many who want to pay their final respects usually fall into higher risk categories. They would not necessarily feel comfortable attending a visitation, even with social distancing.

We do not know how long COVID-19 restrictions will be in place.  Some experts believe we could be in for an 18 to 24-month timeframe before vaccines are available and our country is able to return to normal.

Covenant Security would like to help you fill the gaps that could keep your business from closing or your clients from being under-served.  Find out how we could personalize options for you. Call Covenant Security today.

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