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Product Development Manager

Product Development Manager


  • Competitive Pay 
  • Remote Work and Team Collaboration Opportunities
  • Life Balance, Integrity and Team Work Culture
  • Product Training
  • Part Time or Full Time Opportunities

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reports to Chief Operations Officer.
  • Provides competitive market knowledge that allows the Company to make strategic decisions for specific market segments which will ultimately impact the Company’s growth and profitability.
  • Consults daily as needed with COO on sales.
  • Attends weekly/monthly project update meetings with outside/inside sales team.
  • Assists with planning long-term and short-term marketing objectives.
  • Assists with Sales Department operating practices.
  • Keeps Website Updated
  • Develops Marketing Strategies for Social Media and Other Marketing Channels
  • Adds New Product from New Vendor Relationships
  • Coordinates with Web Developer for Needed Features
  • Provides Support when Sales Team is out of the office or during heavy sales demand
  • Provides Customer Service as needed. 
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Basic computer skills using web browser and internet for research. 
  • Social Media Skills
  • Photoshop Skills
  • Basic understanding of HTML and Web Development
  • Basic technical writing skills
  • Customer relationship skills
  • Home Office