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Maximum Security for Financial Transactions

Banks are naturally more susceptible to crime and robbery considering the great amount of value that lies within each one. Make it a priority for your bank to ensure safe transactions with equipment that won’t let you down. With our selection of intercoms, bulletproof teller windows, in-wall transfer stations and paneling, Covenant Security Equipment can maximize the security in any bank. This will ensure the safety of your employees, and leave your customers feeling secure.

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Efficient Communication

Covenant supplies some of the best intercoms on the market. Our intercoms are easy to use and compact, with models designed to serve up to sixteen drive-thru lanes. With one simple keypad to control everything from lane selection to camera control, training new users is quick and simple. The keys can also be adjusted to specific functions so that only the keys needed for system control are active.

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Safe and Secure Financial Transactions

A reliable teller window is a must have for every bank. It must be able to allow the customer to see who they are communicating with on the other side, and to protect whoever stands behind it. Covenant provides the perfect windows for your bank with different options for glass, sizing, speak thrus, and transfer trays.

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Bulletproof Protection For Your Employees

Covenant Security Equipment also carries bulletproof woven fiberglass panels. These panels are offered in multiple sizes, and they are the perfect protective barriers to occupy every important area within your bank. The material for these consists of a resin to fiber ratio suited to deflect ballistic danger. All panels are approved by the US Marshal Service and the General Services Administration.

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