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SDXN Series

SDX-SDXN Modular Safe Deposit Boxes

Advanced design, rugged construction, improved security

Setting the standard in design through the use of rugged construction and maintenance-free finishes, our modular case safe deposit boxes offer attractive, low cost construction, and minimal upkeep. For high security, the die-cast doors are engineered with a continuous heavy flange which interlocks with the door jamb. All models are fitted with U.L. listed double key changeable safe deposit box locks. Attractive finishes provide a virtually maintenance-free vault.

The modular cabinets are dimpled for a positive interlock or fitted together through pre-drilled holes in the frame. Stacked sections are designed for easy installation and may be installed flush against the vault wall, utilizing every inch of valuable wall space.

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SDX / SDXN Series Modular Safe Deposit Boxes

The SDX and SDXN Series of safe deposit boxes combines ½" solid alloy doors faced with stainless steel with cabinets of powder coated rust-resistant steel. As standard, doors are fitted with a double nose, key changeable lock both guard and customer side. Locks are firmly attached to the door at four points to aid in prevention of punch attacks. Glare-resistant matte finish number plates may be easily interchanged at a later date if the numbering sequence is changed.



SDXN Series Safe Deposit Boxes