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Safeguarding Your Premises: Choosing the Right Security Doors from Covenant Security Equipment

Safeguarding Your Premises: Choosing the Right Security Doors from Covenant Security Equipment

When it comes to protecting your facility, the choices can seem overwhelming. You need to consider potential threats, desired security levels, and how to integrate protection seamlessly into your building's aesthetics. A critical aspect of this process is selecting the right materials for your security doors. Covenant Security Equipment offers a range of ballistic-resistant doors in various materials, each with unique advantages. Modern security systems can blend into your architecture while offering robust protection against bullets, forced entry, and more. Let's explore the options available from Covenant Security Equipment:

Ballistic-Resistant Steel Doors

Frequently used in high-security facilities like government buildings, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure, ballistic-resistant steel doors from Covenant Security Equipment offer exceptional protection. Their ability to stop bullets makes them a powerful solution for securing buildings. Steel doors are often less than half an inch thick yet capable of stopping projectiles. While steel is highly effective, Covenant Security Equipment's installation process ensures it is manageable. For wall reinforcement, many are opting for fiberglass panels, available in various thicknesses to meet specific protection levels.

Ballistic-Resistant Aluminum Doors

Lightweight yet durable, ballistic-resistant aluminum doors from Covenant Security Equipment are common in schools, government offices, and financial institutions. Their versatility is a key advantage. Aluminum is widely used in architectural design, making it easier to match various styles and finishes. This allows for a more aesthetically pleasing facade that doesn't immediately reveal its security features. Covenant Security Equipment's aluminum doors are easy to install and non-corrosive, ensuring long-lasting durability. Custom aluminum extrusions can be reinforced with steel, creating a hybrid solution that combines the benefits of both metals for optimal protection. Ballistic aluminum framing can also be used in curtain wall systems with varying levels of glazing, balancing security and budget considerations.

Ballistic-Resistant Wood Doors

Covenant Security Equipment also offers innovative densified ballistic-resistant wood doors. Manufacturing processes increase wood's density, enabling it to stop bullets without significant deformation. Wood is abundant, readily available, and comes in diverse colors and styles, making it adaptable to various aesthetics. Covenant Security Equipment's wood doors are often used in interior applications, incorporating protective interlayers like steel or fiberglass, covered with wood laminate for a natural appearance while maintaining ballistic protection.

Ready to enhance your facility's security?

Covenant Security Equipment's expert sales staff is ready to answer your questions and assist you with your security project needs. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect ballistic-resistant door solution for your unique requirements.

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