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Protecting Cash in Concession Vehicles

Protecting Cash in Concession Vehicles

Everywhere you look these days we see concession food trucks. In the past most of these concessions were located in carnivals and fairs, today many operators use them as a full-time foodservice business.  Some of these businesses use credit cards, but generally, particularly those selling drinks, popcorn, funnel cakes, and ice cones, deal in cash. When customers are lined up and several employees are busy, currency may build up very quickly, piling up on a shelf or the counter.

Anytime extra cash is lying around, an unscrupulous employee may quickly grab a handful bills and stuff them into a pocket. Frequently, these types of businesses don’t have effective point of sale systems which record cash in and provide accountability.

An effective answer to this concern is a safe drop box provided by Covenant Security Equipment. These products allow for cash to be easily dropped into a secure and safe container providing a convenient and secure way to grab excess cash in a secure location before being removed at the end of the workday to be deposited.

A $100 or more scoped from a pile of cash when compounded on a regular basis is very costly. Plus, whatever steps that may be taken to eliminate temptation by one with potential sticky fingers is helpful.

The Covenant Security Equipment cash drop safes are very cost-effective and are easily installed in most concession stands. While these safes are effective with securing cash, they’re not recommended for storing cash overnight or when your truck is unattended and are designed to store cash to be removed at closing and deposited at a bank.

When you connect with your Covenant Security advisor you’ll be provided with a number of different options and configurations to fit your space and convenience requirements. Further, your advisor will provide guidance on how best to secure your new cash drop safe. Stop worrying about your cash disappearing and having to constantly use the eyes in the back of your head, purchase a cash drop safe from Covenant Security Equipment and obtain peace of mind.


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