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Bullet Resistant Storefronts: What You Need to Know When Placing an Order

Bullet Resistant Storefronts: What You Need to Know When Placing an Order

When ordering bullet resistant storefronts from Covenant, there are a few important factors that must be considered.

1. Glass and frames will ship separately

The glass and frames that make up a finished storefront are manufactured at two different locations. They will have different estimated ship dates and will ship separately under different tracking numbers.

2. Pallets weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds

Both the frames and glass are extremely heavy, weighing 1,000 pounds or more. They are shipped on pallets and require machinery to offload. If you do not have machinery available, you can request a lift gate on your order. Ordering a lift gate means that the freight company will load your product onto a smaller truck and then use a “lift gate” to lower your product to the ground for you.

3. Plan a place to store until installation

If your order is due to arrive before you are ready to install, it is necessary to have a secure place available to store the frames and glass. It is extremely expensive to store at shipping terminals, and it is at risk of being damaged. Covenant does not make these arrangements, or compensate for the cost of storage. 

4. Requires a professional installer

Covenant does not provide any installation services, but can assist with getting you connected to local installers. It is recommended to get an installer set up as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary project delays.

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