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Secure Your Personal Belongings

Keep your precious belongings in a place where they will not be disturbed by any unwanted sources. Covenant Security Equipment carries safes with a plethora of different features, including double-layered steel protection, automatic relocking abilities, fireproof walls, and more. If you are going to place all of your treasures into one place, you should be able to do so without apprehension.

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The most difficult things for a business to replace are hard copies of its important documents, and its cash. In case of burglary, fires, or water-damage, it is crucial to know that the various records and hard-earned money that comes from your business will last through any tragedy. The safes provided by Covenant Security Equipment have many aspects that will keep you far from worry.

The locking mechanisms on our safes come with over one million possible combinations. The 2 ½ inch body consists of inner and outer steel plates that are no match for any intruder. Door jambs are surrounded by ¾ inch steel bars and up to five steel anchor bolts on hinge side prevent door removal in case of a forced entry attempt. Door hinges include oil impregnated bronze that promises smooth opening of door and reduces maintenance. All safes adhere to a lifetime warranty.

TL-15 Fire and Burglary Resistant Safes

The new Line of TL-15 and TL-30 Fire/Burglary composite Resistant Safes from Securifort, Inc..

Securifort Safes offer Double Protection. A Safe that is both Fire Rated and Burglary Rated, built with bank grade alloy to bring you the highest level of security available.

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TL-15 Safe Features

5’’ thick door constructed of outer & inner steel plates (total 1/4” TH.) enclosing a Monolith Alloy with carbon steel rods.

1 hour, 350°F factory fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1850°F.

Standard aluminum pull-handle on large safe.

2 1/2” thick body constructed of outer & inner steel plates (total 1/4” TH.) enclosing a Monolith Alloy with carbon steel rods.

Door & inner jamb surrounded by 3/4” thick solid steel bar.

Double protection against side attack.

Mechanism locked by a GR2M S&G 3 wheel combo lock with 1 million possible combinations.

Dual spring loaded relocking device, activated by a punching attack.

Lock & relocks protected by a large 3/8” thick hardplate and a large armor glass.

A handle activates the locking mechanism consisting of up to five 1” diameter full stainless steel locking bolts.

Up to five fixed solid steel anchor bolts 1’‘ diameter on hinge side preventing door removal during a forced entry attempt.

Heavy duty hinges including oil impregnated bronze bearing assures easy opening of door & reduces maintenance. (Lifetime warranty)