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Quikserv Window & Air Curtain Combination Unit | CSE-QS-SST-4860E

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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
SKU CSE-QS-SST-4860E-1/4-C-R
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Slide Direction: Right Handle
Air Curtain: None
Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum
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Quikserv SST-4860 / IFT-4860E  Window & Air Curtain Combination Unit

The Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is a high-quality system designed to provide optimal functionality and energy efficiency in a fast-paced restaurant environment. This innovative product consists of a specially designed window that opens and closes smoothly, allowing customers to place their orders and receive their food with ease.

In addition to the window, the system also includes a powerful air curtain that creates a barrier of air, separating the indoor and outdoor environments, preventing heat loss, and keeping unwanted pests and insects out. The air curtain also helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the restaurant, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and ultimately, saving energy.

The Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, featuring a sturdy construction that can withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for any restaurant looking to streamline their drive-thru operations and reduce their energy bills.

Overall, the Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is a top-of-the-line product that delivers exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and durability, making it the perfect addition to any restaurant looking to improve their drive-thru experience.


In California, the Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is a popular choice for fast-food chains and other restaurants that serve customers through drive-thru windows. Due to the state's mild climate and frequent use of drive-thru services, it is essential to have an efficient and reliable system that can keep the indoor environment comfortable and free from pests.

Moreover, California has strict energy regulations and guidelines that restaurants must comply with to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy. Therefore, the Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is an excellent choice for restaurants in California, as it is a highly energy-efficient solution that can help businesses meet their sustainability goals.

Furthermore, California is also prone to wildfires and other natural disasters that can affect the air quality and create hazardous conditions. The air curtain included in the system can help maintain a healthy indoor environment by preventing smoke, dust, and other pollutants from entering the restaurant, ensuring the safety and well-being of customers and employees.

Overall, the Window & Air Curtain Combination for drive-thru window is a practical and effective solution for restaurants in California, helping them to provide a comfortable and safe environment for their customers while reducing their energy costs and promoting sustainability.



Window unit size: 47-1/2″(W) x 59-1/2″(H)
Service opening: 20-1/4”(W) x 29-1/2”(H)
Rough Opening: 48”(W) x 60”(H)
Glass: 1/4 Tempered


If installing in California, a restricted service opening size of 432 sq. inches is required, along with the air curtain. This is accomplished by the installation of a glass restrictor plate in the top half of the service opening.