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CSE-B-SD-30 Safe Deposit Box

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    Model: SD-30
    Series: SD Safe Deposit Boxes
    Finish: Gray Painted Enamel
    Outside Dimensions: 16” H x 32 5/8” W x 24” D
    Bond Box: Included
    Openings: 30
    Door Sizes: 3" x 5"
    Weight (Lbs): 230
    Locks: Double Nose
    Numbering: Customer Specified

    Advanced design, rugged construction, improved security.

    The Covenant series of safe deposit boxes combines sturdy aluminum alloy doors and frames with cabinets of rust-resistant steel. For high security, the die-cast doors are engineered with a continuous heavy flange which interlocks with the door jamb. Both attractive finishes provide a virtually maintenance-free vault.

    The modular cabinets are dimpled for a positive interlock when stacked in sections, and are designed for easy installation. The Covenant series may be installed flush against the vault wall, utilizing every inch of valuable wall space.

    Doors are fitted with a double nose, fixed lever lock, as listed by Underwriters Laboratory. The lock features an eleven lever construction (five guard, six customer) for optimal resistance against forced entry. The possibility of over one million key changes and a strict security control system are combined to avoid duplication. Locks are firmly attached to doors at four points to aid in preventing punching.