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"CLOSED" cover to go over the slot.
Powder Coat the entire cabinet one color.
Extra set of keys for your access door.

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    • Model 300-TD - Thru Door or Wall Stainless Steel Exterior Head
      • 7.5 x 10.75 inches wide
      • Capacity: 50+ Payments
      • Heavy gauge stainless steel
      • Fastens to the receiving cabinet with (2) .25 inch stainless steel carriage bolts
      • Protective rainshield and hinged liftplate covers a .625 x 6.25 inch wide slot
    • Security Cabinet
      • 12 x 8 x 16 inches high
      • Heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel
      • Industrial hinged door closes with an eight tumbler, all brass works, registered lock
      • Double-plated, hardened steel cam
      • Relies on a solid core panel, door or glass pass through
      • Accommodates solid core door or wall up to 1 3/4 inches
      • Steel chute required for walls or doors 2 inches or greater


    Model Cut Sheet