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    The Safety-Comm. talk-thru communicator is designed to provide clear communications between a partition wherever safety and security is of prime importance. Great for movie theaters, ticket booths, sports arenas, etc.

    Accomplish two-way communication with speakers and microphones located on both sides of the partition. The inside operator is able to control the operation by speaking into the microphone. This unit is 4" in diameter and includes a gooseneck microphone, a power switch, complete volume controls, and a rechargeable battery pack in which it operates.

    The CSE-QS-HT-SC-100-L3 is designed to deliver clear communication through a partition in a safe and secure manner. Movie theaters, ticket booths, and sports arenas are just a few great examples of what this model could be used for.

    Easy installation with a 3.25" or 3.5" cutout.  

    • Rugged Aluminum Construction
    • Compact 4.0" diameter design
    • Voice activated switch
    • Background noise level monitoring
    • Linear volume control
    • Easy installation with a 3.25" or 3.5" cutout
    • Power Adapter included (Plugs into a standard 110v wall outlet for both continuous power and battery powered unit)
    • Power Source (AC/DC)