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IBE STOCK | CSE-ATX-TW Style 24 x 36 Ticket/Teller Window with Deal Tray

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SKU: IBE-CSE-ATX-TW-2436-1/4-A-C

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    Aluminum Transaction Window

    6061-T6 extruded Aluminum 1 1/2" x 5" Interior frame with 1" x 1" screw applied aluminum stops. Non ballistic 5" fixed jamb clear anodized aluminum natural voice speak-thru window glazed with 1/4" tempered glazing, SSS7 non ballistic speaker port 24"x12"x2" stainless steel counter and recessed stainless-steel 10x16 dip tray.

    SIZE: 24" x 36"

    Natural Voice Speak Thru

    Natural voice Speak Thru  provide voice transmission along with security. SSBRS models will fit into 4″ to 6″ diameter hole. 7″ Stainless Steel face plates are secured form the safe side to avoid tampering from the exterior. 

    Standard Features:

    • 1/4” tempered safety glass
    • Built in stainless steel 10 x 16 deal tray
    • Shipped fully-assembled and ready to install
    • Clear anodized aluminum

      Model Dimensions

      Frame Outside 24” (w) x 36” (h)
      Rough Opening  24" 3/8 (w) x 36" 3/8 (h)
      Pass Through Tray 10" x 16" x 2" (d)
      Three-Sided View Deal Tray
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