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    The CSE-QS-QSB-12 presents itself in an unoffensive manner while increasing the safety of your employees. This unit allows an easy transfer of items large and small. You can choose from a clear, high visibility material or stainless steel for the serving door. Options are also provided for call buttons and speakers to create a complete drive-thru package.

    Transfer Area: 13”(w) x 10”(h) x 21”(d)
    Rough Opening: 18-3/8”(w) x 15-7/8”(h
      Shipped fully-assembled and ready to install
    • Warranty backed with Nationwide Service Centers
    • Weather resistant and sealed to protect from the elements
    • Corrosion resistant material: anodized aluminum and #304-#3 finish stainless steel
    • Security locking systems
    • Level 1 bullet resistant in closed position
    • Serviceability - drawer can be serviced without removing the entire unit
    • Transfer area automatically locks when in a closed position
    • Front panel constructed with bullet resistant materials (Level 1)
        Bullet resistant transoms and sidelites - Level I or III
      • Call button and speakers
      • Full intercom systems
      • Counter mounting brackets